UNISA Registration | University of South Africa Registration

UNISA Registration | University of South Africa Registration

You will need the following to register on the web  >>>>>


  1. Student number;     You must be a returning student or if you are a first-time student (at Unisa), have successfully applied for admission.
  2. Email address;    Free email for life is provided by Unisa. For more information go to the myLife website.
Please note the following:


  • Your registration will take a minimum of two weeks to process.
  • You will be notified via a letter, e-mail or SMS once your study material has been posted. The message will indicate a track and trace number for the parcel as well as the despatch date.
To register select << GO >>


Undergraduate Registration   <<GO>>
(All undergraduate qualifications including the BTech degree and National Diplomas)
Postgraduate Registration: Honours and Diplomas   <<GO>>
Postgraduate Registration: Master’s and Doctoral   << GO>>
Credit card payment    <<GO>>   OR   the payment walktrough    <<GO>>
(A note about the security of online payment to Unisa.)

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Honours and postgraduate diplomas & master’s and doctoral degrees:
11 September – 13 November 
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