UNISA Short Course in Developing Web Applications with PHP

UNISA Short Course in Developing Web Applications with PHP

Short Course in Developing Web Applications with PHP (72095)



With the rapid development of the Internet and the World Wide Web there is an increasing demand for developers with the skills to do more advanced manipulation of Web data. Students involved in static Web development environments reach a plateau in manipulating the Web content. At this stage, they seek opportunities to enhance their skill set with regard to dynamic Web development. The aim of the PHP course is to provide the student with tools and techniques to develop more dynamic Web based applications, centered around the manipulation of data stored in online databases.

Target group

The target group for this course is students who successfully completed introductory courses in Web-design, E-Commerce, or XML with the need to gain from more advance Web development content. The target group furthermore includes entrepreneurs involved in self-start business that has pre-knowledge on the development of static Web based applications.

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification Pre-knowledge on the development of static Web based applications (HTML). Internet access, that serves as the primary medium for lecturer-student contact sessions, as well as the delivery of course material.


Semester course

Language medium


Registration periods

For more information about registrations visit http://cs-cert.unisa.ac.za
e-mail address: cense@unisa.ac.za

Tuition method

A FULL Internet-teaching model will be used in offering the course

Kind of assessment

Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies
Formative assessment:
Students are graded on their forum collaboration
Summative assessment:
A portfolio project. Given the practical flavour of this course, there are no written assignments and/or examinations. Rather, exercises have been designed to guide students towards the development of an advanced web-based application, which, by course-end, will be used to grade progress. Students need 50% to pass and 75% to get a distinction. A certificate from Unisa will be awarded to candidates after obtaining a final mark of at least 50%.

Developing Web Applications with PHP (CSDW1WS)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Getting Started with Variables
  • Conditional Logic
  • Working with HTML Forms
  • Programming Loops
  • Arrays in PHP
  • String Manipulation
  • Functions
  • Security Issues
  • Working with Files
  • Date and Time Functions
  • PHP and MySQL
  • MySQL Database
  • User Authentication


Course leader

Prof T M van der Merwe PhD (UNISA)
Discipline expertise: twelve years PHP development
School of Computing
Office 8-047, Theo van Wijk Building, UNISA
E-mail: cense@unisa.ac.za

Programme administrator(s)

School of Computing
Office: Block C 3-06, Cnr Christiaan de Wet and Pioneer Avenue, Florida Campus, UNISA
Tel: 011 670 9131 / 9139
E-mail: cense@unisa.ac.za