UNISA Short Course in Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills

UNISA Short Course in Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills

University of South Africa Short Course in Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills

Short Course in Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills (75787)



To equip students with the personal attitudes, knowledge and skills to be able to understand and manage themselves better. Students will also be able to understand other people and built more meaningful interpersonal relations in the diverse cultural contexts we experience in our country. This will not only enrich their own lives, but it will also enhance and enrich all those that they come into contact with. Qualified students will achieve an enhanced quality of life with improved self management and healthier relationships and therefore be equipped to address issues of diversity and conflict in their own lives and in the lives of those they interact with.

Target group

The short course is open to any individual, professional, student and mental health professional who seeks personal enrichment and an enhanced quality of life by way of a study of the principles of meaningful interpersonal relationships

Admission requirements

A Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF qualification. Students must demonstrate proficiencies in the following: the ability to learn from predominantly written material; the ability to present and communicate information and opinions in well structured arguments without support; the taking of responsibility for their own progress and, being willing to take part in experiential learning of a personal nature.


Six months

Language medium


Registration periods

Semester registration dates

Tuition method

UNISA open distance learning by means of the prescribed book for the short course: Johnson, D W (2003). Reaching out: Interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualisation (8th edition). Boston: Allyn and Bacon. The prescribed book (as well as a tutorial letter and a study guide) will be provided to students who enroll for the course. Any additional course material will be provided on the first day of the workshop.

Kind of assessment

Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies
Formative assessment:
Summative assessment:
An open book examinations
Participants must obtain a minimum of 50% for the assignments and the open book examination to pass

Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills (DAIS01B)
Syllabus/Content Topics
  • Section A: Distance learning
  • Section B: Two-day practical workshop on interpersonal skills (non-compulsory but strongly recommended)


Course leader

Dr M Papaikonomou DLitt et Phil
Discipline expertise: Registered Research Psychologist
Department for Psychology
Office 5-102, Theo van Wijk Building, UNISA

Programme administrator(s)

Ms T Mapokgole
UNISA Centre for Applied Psychology
Office 5-152, Theo van Wijk Building, UNISA
Tel: 012 429 8544 / 3951
Fax: 012 429 5368 / 086 554 5909
E-mail: ucap@unisa.ac.za