How does matric certificate look like

How does matric certificate look like

How does matric certificate look like

This is how the genuine matric certificate looks like.


How are my Grade 12 Results calculated?

25% Internal School Based Assessment (SBA) (the mark given to you by your school) and 75% External Exam (Finals) – except for LO, which is 100% Internal Assessment. But, your SBA only counts if it is within 10% of your Final Exam marks. If it is 10% higher or lower than your exam mark, then only your Final Exam marks count. This is good news if you’ve got a low SBA…so get studying!!!

 Matric Pass Calculator

If you aren’t one to read and wondering if you failed or passed Matric, follow this link and your type of Matric pass will be worked out for you!

What are the Minimum Requirements for the different NSC Passes?

It is compulsory to pass your Home Language (usually English) with at least 40%. If you do not get at least 40% for your Home Language, you will fail matric.

NSC Pass:

A minimum of 40% for 3 subjects (one of which must be your Home Language) and at least 30% for 3 other subjects. You can fail your First Additional Language (usually Afrikaans) and still pass, provided your overall average is above 33 1/3 %. An NSC Pass will not enable you to study at any institution of higher learning. You need to aim higher!

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